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We Packed up the Car and Headed to Louisville KY!

David Jukes - Little Rock Library

My husband, Tommy, and I recently took a car trip to Louisville, KY, to attend his Vietnam Gun Truck Reunion. He was an Army Sergeant and gun-trucker in the 512 Transportation Company, 54th Batallion, 8th Group, back in ’68 and ’69. About 10 years ago, a bunch of his buddies found each other through social networking. Now, each year, it’s a big event. Called “The Gathering,” about 200 vets, wives and a few grandkids get together for a few days and reminisce. It’s a great place where vets meet vets, and everybody becomes instant friends. It’s so cool.


On our trip to Kentucky, I wanted to stop by several of the out-of-Texas libraries and donate a copy of Allie’s Angel. Our first stop was on July 30, in Little Rock at the main library. The director, Bettye Kerns, wasn’t there, since it was Saturday, but thankfully, David Jukes was available to accept my donation. It was so HOT that the lens got a little cloudy, hence the picture looks fuzzy. I look soaking wet, because we’d made that 9 hour car trip! YIKES!

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