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Memphis & Savannah TN - What FUN!

August 1 was a busy traveling day, as we headed to Memphis and the Hooks Branch Library. The collections director is Melissa Skipper. Hope you enjoyed the book, Ms. Skipper! Next came Savannah, TN and the Hardin County Library. Library Director Jeannette Smith was out that morning, but her assistant, Sheila Alexander, was glad to meet us. Hi, Sheila! Hope y’all liked the book! They have an awesome children’s display with full castle and chairs for quiet reading. It’s like a Royal Paradise! Y’all have to eat at the BEST EVER fish restaurant next to the Shiloh Battlegrounds near Savannah. It’s called the Catfish Hotel and the food is plenty and fabulous. I thought Texas was the place for catfish but I’ve gotta hand it to the chefs there that this rivals anything I’ve ever tasted. And food is one of my favorite things!  Woo-Hoo!! The Shiloh Battleground is also beautiful and a must-see. Thoroughly enjoyable.

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