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Hi, Readers!

I've been writing most of my life and thought you might want to read some of my early articles. This one appeared in the Houston Chronicle's Texas Magazine in 1996.

Louisville KY - Beautiful City!!


Ah, we finally arrive in Louisville, KY, but not without stopping by to meet Rebecca Miller, the Manager of the Jeffersontown Library. Thank you so much Ms. Miller for contacting the circulations manager for her approval. We enjoyed our visit with you. Wonderful hospitality that day and a gorgeous, active and busy library!

To one and all, thank you so much for taking a brief moment out of your day to visit to Tommy and me. It meant so much to meet you and see more of your lovely city!

Next--Elizabethtown TN

That same day we traveled to Elizabethtown, KY and hoped to meet Renee Hutcheson, Director of the Hardin County Library. She was busy, though, so we left information and an autographed copy for her review. Thank you, Ms. Hutcheson!

Murfreesboro TN is DELIGHTFUL!

August 2 found us in Murfreesboro, TN and meeting with Rita Shacklet, the Library Administrator at the Linebaugh Branch. She was charming and welcomed us to yet another beautiful Tennessee town with so much Civil War history. I would have loved to see the Stones River National Battlefield. These national parks are simply beautiful and our history is wonderfully preserved. All those soldiers who fought and died. Our country wouldn’t be the great America without them. Thank you veterans and thank you U.S. Park Service!

Lynchburg TN is FANTASTIC!

Later that day we visited Lynchburg, TN and visited with Peggy Gold, the Moore County Library director. What a super bunch of FUN folks here. A big THANK YOU to Ms. Gold, Stevie Swan and Ms. Gold’s assistant, Betsy Jones for making our visit the GREATEST. They welcomed us with open arms and we got a chance to visit with more super friendly Tennesseans. Ms. Gold is sooo fun and knows just about each and every patron and what they like to read. WOW! I love this state. It’s so beautiful!  If I wasn’t a died-in-the-wool native born Texan, well….  And the photo? When my camera conked out on me, Ms. Gold was fast to offer hers! What a sweet lady she is. That’s cutie-pie Stevie on the far left, then wonderful Ms. Jones, then yours truly, and then Fabulous Ms. Gold. YeeeHaw! Lynchburg ROCKS! I also heard at Miss Mary Bobo's Boarding House Restaurant that same day that Lynchburg is absolutely beautiful during the Christmas season. There are lights everywhere and everybody turns out in big numbers in the quaint downtown square. Yes, it’s a Jack Daniels town but there are wonderful shops and eateries lining the streets and the people are friendly and fantastic. Travelers take heed, mark this town on your must-see list!

Memphis & Savannah TN - What FUN!

August 1 was a busy traveling day, as we headed to Memphis and the Hooks Branch Library. The collections director is Melissa Skipper. Hope you enjoyed the book, Ms. Skipper! Next came Savannah, TN and the Hardin County Library. Library Director Jeannette Smith was out that morning, but her assistant, Sheila Alexander, was glad to meet us. Hi, Sheila! Hope y’all liked the book! They have an awesome children’s display with full castle and chairs for quiet reading. It’s like a Royal Paradise! Y’all have to eat at the BEST EVER fish restaurant next to the Shiloh Battlegrounds near Savannah. It’s called the Catfish Hotel and the food is plenty and fabulous. I thought Texas was the place for catfish but I’ve gotta hand it to the chefs there that this rivals anything I’ve ever tasted. And food is one of my favorite things!  Woo-Hoo!! The Shiloh Battleground is also beautiful and a must-see. Thoroughly enjoyable.

We Packed up the Car and Headed to Louisville KY!

David Jukes - Little Rock Library

My husband, Tommy, and I recently took a car trip to Louisville, KY, to attend his Vietnam Gun Truck Reunion. He was an Army Sergeant and gun-trucker in the 512 Transportation Company, 54th Batallion, 8th Group, back in ’68 and ’69. About 10 years ago, a bunch of his buddies found each other through social networking. Now, each year, it’s a big event. Called “The Gathering,” about 200 vets, wives and a few grandkids get together for a few days and reminisce. It’s a great place where vets meet vets, and everybody becomes instant friends. It’s so cool.


On our trip to Kentucky, I wanted to stop by several of the out-of-Texas libraries and donate a copy of Allie’s Angel. Our first stop was on July 30, in Little Rock at the main library. The director, Bettye Kerns, wasn’t there, since it was Saturday, but thankfully, David Jukes was available to accept my donation. It was so HOT that the lens got a little cloudy, hence the picture looks fuzzy. I look soaking wet, because we’d made that 9 hour car trip! YIKES!