Sommy L. Ham, author
Allie's Angel
a heart-warming
Young Adult novel

A spirit-filled book
for teens and pre-teens!
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Friendly, Texas is about to get a facelift…


Folks never dreamed an angel,

a devil and a discouraged teen girl

could pull this town together


But that's exactly what happens when Allie McCall skips school one day. After being falsely accused of cheating, she hides out in the derelict community church downtown. There, she meets Daniel, an angel with silver hair and blue eyes. Counting on her gritty tenacity, he asks her to help rebuild the church.


When Allie reluctantly agrees, her everyday life turns upside down. Ethan, one of Satan's disciples, is out to thwart Daniel’s plan, and she’s horrified to find herself his newest target. She rescues her sweet, eccentric neighbor from Ethan’s clutches, knowing that she hasn’t seen the last of him.


Determined to follow Daniel’s plan, Allie puts her faith—in fact, her life—on the line to inspire her neighbors, recruit investors, coordinate materials, and battle Satan’s minion.

Can she awaken her small town’s spiritual passion while reconciling with her mother, keeping up her grades, learning to play basketball and maybe, just maybe, finding a boyfriend?


Is it possible that one angel could actually work that many miracles around a girl whose only assets are faith and courage?