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A lively story of one teen’s struggle with faith, family, friends — even the devil — after she agrees to help one heavenly angel.

About the Author:

Sommy L. Ham
Native Texan Sommy L. Ham has spent over 25 years in the writing business as publisher, editor, newspaper reporter, communications consultant and writing tutor, also publishing short stories in numerous magazines. She resides in Magnolia with her husband, four dogs, four cats and her four grown children who live close-by.
Hi, Readers!
To read some of my earlier work, the Houston Chronicle ran a story in their Texas Magazine some years ago. It's entitled, The Princess in the Mirror.

Below is a link to a more recent story I wrote for the "Among Friends" column in Houston Chronicle's Lifestyle section. http://www.chron.com/CDA/archives/archive.mpl?id=1998_3096095
It's entitled Loss of sister inspires lesson in sibling love. What's interesting is that I sent this article to the Chronicle two years earlier with no reply. Then, in the Fall of 1998, the editor called me and said she was new to the job and had just found a box of submissions. Mine was on top. She ran it the next week! I had phone calls from people I had never met who said they were meeting with their families at Thanksgiving that year to read this article. Mothers called me to tell me they had repaired relationships with their kids. That feedback was better than the money I received. Read it. It's tearful and joyful! Took me four years to write it. Took me nearly 30 years to get the nerve....